Client Reviews

Here is a sampling of our pampered clients and the many destinations to which we send them.

  • “Debby helped plan our anniversary trip last year to a 3 island destination in French Polynesia. Every detail was on point from the recommended rooms, resorts and activities!! We had never been big on travel agents, but after this trip, we are sold on our travel agent Debby! Absolutely an Anniversary trip of a lifetime!! Don’t leave home without her!!” Chelsey R, 2/12/17
  • “Debby was so amazing! It was our first time to go on a big vacation and she made sure that we were very well informed and took care of everything for us! Our honeymoon to Jamaica was the best thanks to 3D Cruise and Travel! We already can’t wait to plan our next trip with her!” Melissa 10/28/17
  • “As my just-what-I-needed, beyond-my-expectations journey to Spain winds to a close, I want to give a MAJOR thanks to Teresa Shields and Chad Shields – my travel agents – who put together EVERYTHING for this trip. They are THE best. And they will take you wherever you want to go!!!” 5/13/15
  • Hi Kim, Just letting you know that the resort and the honeymoon was awesome!  When we got there, they had upgraded us to a concierge room in the Key West Village (we had booked a room in the Caribbean Village).  Then the next day they upgraded us again to a two-story, one bedroom suite also in Key West!  It was more like an apartment then a hotel room.  The food was phenomenal and the excursions were excellent too.  All in all, totally worth it, and we would definitely consider going back.  We were also curious if you do European vacations as well, since we may want to go to England/France for our one year anniversary.  Anyway, thank you for the help and we will be in touch if we do another big vacation. Thanks! 5/6/15
  • Debby, I think I speak for Antonia when I say we couldn’t have been happier and gotten a better to place to relax and vacation to and we owe a significant amount of our gratitude to you. We did nothing but sit on the beach, eat and drink but it was fantastic. We probably ate too much but next year when we schedule our vacation we have already vowed to do more excursions and activities. We also got the ‘honeymoon’ suite which we had to explain to everyone we weren’t married (much to Antonia’s sadness! haha)In any event, Debby, seriously thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us out to book this fantastic vacation. The hotel was great and I’m trying to think of any real complaints I had, none really other than ESPN was in Spanish and they didn’t carry the regular ESPN so I could watch the NFL draft in English. But, nope, I thought everything was good. If that was the highest of my worries, it was a really good trip. Honey, anything to add here?So, seriously thank you so much again, Debby, and I’m sure the hard work will be returned someday! We will absolutely be in touch and one of these days when I’m down in Austin to see J– and S– again, we need to meet so I can personally meet the face to the name. Have a great week!  Best, Pat & Antonia  5/6/15
  • I can’t recommend Debby Stevens enough for your travel plans! She was so easy to work with and very responsive and well organized. She answered all of our questions and made sure everything went smoothly. We went to Sandals in Great Exuma, Bahamams and it was absolutely perfect. Where Debby scores major points (wish I could give her more stars) is that we had actually missed our flight out. We were set to go out the next day after our wedding but do to missing our alarm, we missed our flight. I called Debby at 7:30am on a Sunday morning and she answered right away and helped to calm me and was able to book us another flight out the next day and push everything back. I was so thankful to have her! Thank you again Debby for everything! Sarah – 4/6/15
  • “I can’t recommend Debby Stevens enough for your travel plans! She was so easy to work with and very responsive and well organized. She answered all of our questions and made sure everything went smoothly. We went to Sandals in Great Exuma, Bahamams and it was absolutely perfect. Where Debby scores major points (wish I could give her more stars) is that we had actually missed our flight out. We were set to go out the next day after our wedding but do to missing our alarm, we missed our flight. I called Debby at 7:30am on a Sunday morning and she answered right away and helped to calm me and was able to book us another flight out the next day and push everything back. I was so thankful to have her! Thank you again Debby for everything!” Sarah 3/28/15
  • We worked with Debbie Stevens of 3D Cruise and Travel to book our honeymoon and it was amazing! She sent us to El Dorado Maroma in Mexico and it couldn’t have been more perfect for us. From the time we landed in Mexico to the time we left Debbie made sure everything was planned perfectly! It was the most wonderful honeymoon that I could have ever imagined and we will be using Debbie for our trips in the future! Private – 12/18/14
  • Where do I begin? Debby Stevens is amazing! I was lucky enough to meet her at the Austin Bridal Fair and she helped me organize a 60 person destination wedding with guests arriving from all over the world: Africa, Europe and all across America from Boston to Los Angeles. She started working with me in February for a November wedding. She was excellent at communicating deadlines for my family and friends and also sending our reminders as the days got close. She made me feel special by always acknowledging the time till my wedding. She would send out emails to my guests like “Today is the 3 month mark until you are celebrating Justin and Shelly’s wedding! You should have x, y and z done and the future deadlines are x”. 1 month before the wedding she mailed my guests a leather travel portfolio with their itinerary which was such a special touch. In addition to all of this, she was patient (very patient) when my guests had questions or needed room adjustments. My guests enjoyed working with her so much they were extremely disappointed that she wasn’t a guest at my wedding herself as they were all looking forward to meeting her! So bride’s beware – you may want to send an invite to Debby as well!! Oh – and the most amazing part – this was a free service for me and my guests! She was paid by the vendors (hotel and transfer companies). I feel like I owe something for her service but she wouldn’t allow that. I’m VERY lucky to have found such an awesome company to facilitate the tough parts of a destination wedding and i recommend every bride having or thinking about a destination wedding to contact Debby ASAP! Thank you Debby! Shelly – Wedding: 11/14/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • Kim, Kim, Kim…Where do I start????The vacation to Secrets Maroma Beach that you booked for the five couples was absolutely perfect. From the direct flight down, to the transfers and all the little details involved you took care of everything. When I first contacted you all I knew was the there was a group of people that wanted to go on a vacation. We wanted 5 star service and food with top shelf alcohol. You did your research and gave us your suggestions. We all looked it over and decided on Secrets Maroma Beach.   This resort was absolutely perfect in every imaginable way. The resort was  clean from top to bottom. Our room was perfect with a view of both the pool and the ocean. The staff knew our names from what felt like the moment we arrived to the minute we left. There wasn’t a thing we could have wanted that they wouldn’t get for us. They took care of everything.    The food was wonderful everywhere we ate. There wasn’t a bad meal to be had on the resort. You could have as little or as much. It didn’t matter. It was all prepared to perfection. The wait staff was always attentive. The poolside bar area is where we spent most of our days. Any drink you wanted, they made it for you. Food was brought right to the pool so we didn’t have to get out. They really made you feel like a king and queen.   I really hated to leave when it was time to go. This vacation was the best I have ever been on and I owe it all to you and your expertise.  Thanks, John 12/3/14
  • “Where do I begin? Debby Stevens is amazing! I was lucky enough to meet her at the Austin Bridal Fair and she helped me organize a 60 person destination wedding with guests arriving from all over the world: Africa, Europe and all across America from Boston to Los Angeles. She started working with me in February for a November wedding. She was excellent at communicating deadlines for my family and friends and also sending our reminders as the days got close. She made me feel special by always acknowledging the time till my wedding. She would send out emails to my guests like “Today is the 3 month mark until you are celebrating Justin and Shelly’s wedding! You should have x, y and z done and the future deadlines are x”. 1 month before the wedding she mailed my guests a leather travel portfolio with their itinerary which was such a special touch. In addition to all of this, she was patient (very patient) when my guests had questions or needed room adjustments. My guests enjoyed working with her so much they were extremely disappointed that she wasn’t a guest at my wedding herself as they were all looking forward to meeting her! So bride’s beware – you may want to send an invite to Debby as well!!

    Oh – and the most amazing part – this was a free service for me and my guests! She was paid by the vendors (hotel and transfer companies). I feel like I owe something for her service but she wouldn’t allow that. I’m VERY lucky to have found such an awesome company to facilitate the tough parts of a destination wedding and i recommend every bride having or thinking about a destination wedding to contact Debby ASAP! Thank you Debby!” Shelly 11/14/14

  • Debby was wonderful! We worked on and off with her for almost two years! She was an amazing mediator between my fiance and I and my in-laws on finding something that made us both happy! She was always honest with us about either her person experience or experience other couples have had. She very caring and wants to make you happy in every way possible. We believe she did that for us! If we ever go somewhere again we will definitely book through her!- Kendyl – Wedding: 11/08/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • Debby was a great travel agent. She was very informative during our initial meeting, she helped us decide what was best for us. She was quick to respond whenever we had questions about anything regarding our Honeymoon. We went to Riviera Maya, Mexico for our Honeymoon and the scenery was breathtaking, our all inclusive resort was beautiful and our private Cabana was worth every penny we spent. We are already wanting to go back next year.  – Mrs. Muscove  – Wedding: 09/01/2014  Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 11/11/2014
  • Debby was absolutely amazing!! She went above and beyond to help create the most fantastic memorable honeymoon imaginable. She is very detailed and extremely prompt. My favorite thing of Ms. Debby is she truly tried to get to know us personally (my husband and I) to help pick the perfect hotels and locations that would best suit us. HIGHLY recommend! We will never look elsewhere for our travel needs than 3D Cruise and Travel! – Wedding: 09/13/2014   Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 11/04/2014
  • Debby was awesome! She helped us decide on a wonderful honeymoon location. She helped guide us through the entire process & made it super easy & painless! Thanks 3D Cruise & Travel! Our honeymoon was perfect! Summer- Wedding: 09/14/2014 Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 10/06/2014
  • Debby was great to work with. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She booked our honeymoon in Hawaii and was able to make it exactly what we wanted. If we ever had a question or concern, Debby was always quick to respond to us. We are very happy with our service and we absolutely loved our honeymoon trip! – Wedding: 03/16/2014   Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 09/09/2014
  • We have used Debby’s services to plan several of our family vacations.  She is always so helpful and knowledgeable.  When I email her with questions, she is quick to respond and provides lots of good information.  The first time we took a cruise, I was worried about everything getting taken care of.  Debby handled every detail from start to finish and made sure that our trip was a success!  So appreciate her help. – Danielle I. – Lubbock, TX 8/27/2014
  • It was our first big cruise.  Somewhere other we came up with Debbie’s name. I was skeptical at first.  We went over to visit Debbie at her office / home.  She made me feel very at ease.  We must have spent two hours there asking her different questions.  She had what seemed like very level-headed answers to all of them. We felt very comfortable talking with Debby.  Come time for the cruise we had everything we needed from passports to tickets to transfer and knew what to expect along the way.  She knew what side of the ship to put us on so we could see the land.  And once we were on the ship she even knew where to put us to keep us from getting sick.  Overall 1 of the best travel agents and agencies I’ve seen. Greg P.- Leander, TX 8/26/2014
  • Mrs. Stevens was a delight to work with from the start. She had a thorough knowledge of cruise lines, locations, activities, and areas to visit. She asked us the right questions that ultimately helped us to discover what it was me and my wife truly wanted (I.e. Alaskan cruise). Throughout the booking process, Mrs. Stevens regularly checked up and offered us her assistance, guiding me and my wife through the steps and procedures which—to non-travelers like us—would have normally seemed quite daunting. There were a few hiccups at the start with acquiring information about purchasing airplane tickets (another area we were not versed in), but at the end of the day we got to where we wanted to go and are incredibly grateful. Where Mrs. Stevens strength really shined through was in preparing us for the actual cruise itself. More than just booking the trip for us, Mrs. Stevens gave us vital information about the cruise line, what to expect in terms of luggage and money, dressing etiquette, and just savvy tips on how to make the best of our honeymoon. Debby was an integral piece to the foundation of our new life. We will never forget her warmth, gentleness, persistence, or travel advice. More than an agent, she became a highly invested member in our post wedding celebration. We hope others will make the right choice and connect with her to help with their great escape.  Joseph – Wedding: 07/17/2014  Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 08/20/2014
  • Our honeymoon was great, thanks to Debby! We were so well taken care…our flights were easy and check in at Sandals was a breeze. All of our accomodations were taken care of too! Debby did a great job filling us in before our big trip, and we felt fairly well prepared for what great adventures were ahead. The only thing we wish we would have knew ahead of time, was that some restuarants at the sandals resorts have a dress code for dinner…but it wasn’t anything we could over come, just meant more drinks by the pool or finding places to eat that didn’t have a dress code! We still had a blast, and would definitely book with Debby again! Adrian – Wedding: 07/12/2014  Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 08/15/2014
  • Chad was extremely helpful and professional from the start. I had never used a travel agent before and now will never plan a group travel without one.   Chad did all the work and I got most of the credit.   Pretty good set up.   If you haven’t used Chad before, give it a shot. If you have used him before, you already know.​  P. Lewis 8/7/14
  • Debby was AMAZING!! We planned a destination wedding with her in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. She was extremely helpful with ALL the pieces of the planning! She sent information on various resorts and offered her expert on opinion on places to stay based on previous clients. I have to say, she was SPOT ON!! Our entire wedding party, friends, family, as well as me and my husband, enjoyed every aspect of the resort! Debby also made travel a breeze! She was so responsive and patient with all the questions, bookings, etc. and my favorite part was the printed itinerary she sent to each guest, along with her numerous emails on what to do/what not to do once we arrived. This really saved us a lot of time and hassle! Everyone that attended was so impressed and have all expressed that they will be using Debby for future travel! This goes for me and the hubs as well! THANK YOU DEBBY!!! – Rochelle & Cody – Wedding: 06/06/2014  Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 07/27/2014
  • I met Debby at the Bridal extravaganza and knew from the start she was my Review of Destination weddinggirl…I got a great feeling from her and couldn’t wait to get started planning with her! She took on a big task…coordinating land and air for 40 people attending our destination wedding in Mexico.She provided some really easy paperwork for my guests that I was able to send out with my save the dates. And she gave me an electronic copy, that I uploaded into, so I could provide an active link on my wedding website. We were off to a great start!Coordinating a large wedding group was a nightmare…but I was glad to have Debby taking care of things! Most of them waited until the last minute= bad news for travel plans! And there was a certain group of singles that room-swapped amongst each other multiple times. This is when I would have been pulling my hair out…but Debby took it all in stride.Our flight was just as planned…with about 20 of us all traveling on the same plane. Our transportation to and from the airport was awesome (party buses)! The flight back was delayed, but hey…you can’t help those things. It just meant a few more hours in the Cancun airport sipping on duty-free tequila!The resort was amazing…but we already knew that! Debby had arranged a trip for me and my mom a year in advance to stay in Mexico for a week at three different resorts. I am sure that was a hectic one to plan as well, but that trip was great. It gave us an opportunity to actually see the resorts, try out the food, look at the wedding space options, etc… I would recommend a pre-visit for any destination bride!Overall, Debby was great to work with! She is quick with email-responses…which is huge for me. And our Starbucks dates were not only business…they were super fun! Planning a wedding is hard enough…make the travel easy on yourself and call Debby with 3D Cruise and Travel. Julie – Wedding: 06/12/2014  Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 07/23/2014
  • Debby with 3D Cruise and Travel did an amazing job with organizing and arranging our cruise to Alaska. Everything went so smoothly and was already taken care of before we arrived, from keys, luggage to transfers. Debby was even able to get us a drop in price not only once but TWICE!! That can only happen with an aggent on your side. Any questions we had Debby could answer. You can tell she loves her job and is genuinely happy to help you with fulfilling your dreams. We will definitely be using 3D Cruise and Travel again. – Lynn M. Pflugerville, TX 7/23/2014
  • My husband planned our entire honeymoon to Tahiti (Moorea and Bora Bora) with Debby’s help. He could not say enough good things about her. She responded promptly to his emails and answered all his questions in a timely manner. My husband told her his budget and what he would like to include (restaurants, excursions, etc.) and she was able to give us various combination options within our budget. She also answered questions about what could be taken into the country (food products and such) that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. We would definitely use her again. 🙂  – Wedding: 06/08/2014  Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 07/21/2014
  • We had waited 42 years for our Hawaiian dream vacation, and Debby put together more than we could have ever imagined. Not only did she take care of finding us the best airline prices on the best days, but she also arranged for us to have free upgrades when we reached our beautiful resort on Maui. Front row seats awaited us at the luau, and we had instructions to call her if anything was amiss.  Thanks to Debby’s careful and thoughtful planning, everything was perfect. She is a joy to work with and will listen intently to your ideas before she puts it all together for a totally stress-free vacation. This was the ideal vacation thanks to Debby and 3D Cruise and Travel. We can’t recommend her enough! Nancy M. Austin, TX 7/19/2014
  • 3D Cruise and Travel is hands down the best travel agent I have ever used. Debby  makes everything so simple  making our vacation completely stress free. When I am looking to book my yearly vacation all I have to do is give her a general idea of where and what we want to do and she comes up with amazing places for us to vacation. 3D Cruise and Travel is great at keeping lines of communications open and answering any and all questions. I couldn’t ask for a better travel agent and I will continue to use 3D Cruise and Travel in the future. Courtney L. San Antonio, TX 7/18/2014
  • Debby from 3D Cruise and Travel made our honeymoon unforgettable, and we didn’t have to do any work at all, so of course I give her a 5 star rating! I met with her, told her about our likes and dislikes, and she created the most perfect experience for us. She had a wealth of knowledge about all things vacation and paradise, I don’t think we could have had a better expert. We ended up staying in St. Lucia, and in our planning stage, she told me all of the pros and cons of each resort, and recommended which one she thought would give us the experience we were looking for. My husband and I are new to travel, so we had a lot of questions (I’m sure obvious ones). She was so responsive with us, and very sweet and friendly. In the end, everything turned out so much better than we even expected, and if we ever go on another big trip, we will definitely use 3D Cruise and Debby again. It’s well worth it! –  Wedding: 06/08/2014  Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 07/05/2014
  • If your looking for a great travel agent, Debby is your girl! She was AMAZING!! From Start to finish, she allowed my husband and I to plan our honeymoon while keeping us within our budget. It was great! We had a great honeymoon and we couldn’t have gotten to Cancun without Debby! -The Scott’s  – Wedding: 12/15/2013 Services Used: Travel Reviewed On: 06/12/2014
  • Really enjoyed working with Debby with family vacations to international destinations when each of my children graduated high school.  She was thorough, easy to work with, and provided great advice, making each trip special.  Couldn’t have asked for more. Sonya J. Montgomery, TX 6/5/2014
  • We’ve used 3D Cruise and Travel several times now, and will continue to take advantage of their fantastic service.    We’ve had Debby arrange a dream anniversary trip to Hawaii and a family trip to Disney World.    Now she is planning a Christmas cruise for us and we are so excited.   Debby’s personalized and friendly service takes the worry out of planning.  She makes sure we get our value out of every dollar and get the best deals for the adventures we want.    We are quite confident that 3D Cruise and Travel will be the only travel planner we’ll ever need. Larry K. Round Rock, TX 5/28/2014
  • Ms. Debby helped my husband and I plan an amazing honeymoon in April of 2009. We cruised out of Florida and were taken care of in style. So when we decided to take our entire family on a cruise, 7 of us / 1 of these in a wheelchair) we naturally called Debby again. This time was much more complicated but Debby took care of details we would not have thought about. People often ask me why I hire a travel agent. Let me tell you why, I don’t have time to comb the thousands of I sights. Even if I did I would not get the insight that a travel agent does. She got us upgrades, money back, and saved us so much hassle. I don’t know how she does it but after all this she assures me she gets paid for doing it! Awesome!!! Another thing about Debby is that she is grateful. I have sent here a few clients and every time 1 of these books I get a personal note from her. She does business right! 3D cruise and Travel is the best company to book your travels through. Debbie K. Round Rock, TX 5/27/2014
  • Debby helped my husband and I plan an anniversary trip to Bermuda. She was so great to work with and made sure everything went smoothly. Professional, friendly and very knowledgable! She took care of every detail and we were thrilled with our beautiful hotel.  Everything went perfectly, but I knew if there were any issues…I would be able to count on Debby to take care of it. She will be the  travel agent I contact for my next trip!! Dina L.  Nashua, NH 5/27/2014
  • For never having actually met Debby face to face before, she was by far one of my FAVORITE vendors to work with. She was incredibly sweet, responsive, and attentive. Booking our honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica was so easy. She checked up with me through out my planning process, even though we were a year out! Debby takes the time to make sure everything is in order that your vacation can be truly relaxing. I can guarantee the next time we travel out of the country, Debby will be my go to travel agent. I loved working with her for my wedding, and I can’t wait to work with her in the future! Wedding: 05/25/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • Debbie was wonderful! She met us wherever we wanted (she doesn’t operate out of an office) and had a TON of information about destinations for our wedding. We practically had the whole thing planned on the first visit! She checked in frequently as well. She was so careful about every detail, kept us posted on flight and transportation changes, and was even checking in on us while we were away! She was bubbly, personable, and professional. We had no troubles with anything she arranged for us! Our friends from out of state are even considering using her in the future! Definitely recommend!! Wedding: Recently Married Services Used: Travel
  • I had never used a travel agent before, so I did not know what to expect when I turned to Debby at 3D Cruise and Travel.  My husband and I were planning our first trip to Mexico, and with 3D Cruise and Travel, it could not have gone any smoother.  She walked me through each stage of planning, and lifted the burden of concern when it came to picking the right place or the little things we didn’t even know we needed to know. Not only was she responsive, but her care was incredibly personable.  My husband and I don’t travel often, but when we do- we use 3D Cruise and Travel. Amanda K. Hutto, TX 5/27/2014
  • We had an amazing time, Debby was very helpful and extremely helpful when we continually change destanations we wanted :). Ended up in the perfect place with her help. Highly recommend her. Wedding: 05/10/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • Debby was amazing and beyond helpful! She answered all our questions (and we had a lot!) in a timely manner and made sure we were fully prepared to go on our honeymoon. She provided printouts and a travel folder for us so everything was done for us and we didn’t have to worry about a thing! We had an amazing honeymoon!!! Wedding: 05/10/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • Debby was so helpful. She really knew her stuff and in many cases responded to my emails in a matter of minutes. She always lets her clients know when she will be out of town so we aren’t concerned if we don’t get an immediate response. She did ALL of the booking for us, including daily activities we chose. She was able to give us information about all of the dates, activities, and accommodations options that she gave us to help us make the right choice for our preferences. Debby’s services are a real value, and I highly recommend her. Wedding: Recently Married Services Used: Travel
  • We were pretty overwhelmed when trying to narrow down where to go for our honeymoon. We’ve never had much experience with travel agents but decided to give 3D Cruise and Travel a try. All I can say is that we were beyond impressed!   We initially sat down with Debby to brainstorm ideas of places to go based on our budget and what type of locale we had in mind. She was very knowledgeable and provided us with great brochures to help us with our decision. Once we picked our destination, Debby took care of the rest! She promptly answered e-mails, sent reminder e-mails, and provided us with great information of things to do on our trip. This truly helped amidst the chaos of wedding planning. We would definitely use 3D Cruise and Travel in the future! Wedding: 04/26/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • Debby was such a pleasure to work with. She made booking our perfect honeymoon super easy, which was refreshing to have one less thing to worry about in the midst of wedding planning! We probably weren’t the easiest clients she’s had; as we were pretty specific on what we wanted, and Debby was always super accommodating. She checked in with us more than we checked in with her; and she even sent us a couple super cute little gifts! We will definitely be using Debby again for our travel needs. Wedding: 04/06/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • Debby was great! I am very particular and gave her a long list of details that were important To me for my honeymoon regarding location, style of resort, flight time, resort amenities, type of rooms, restaurants available…Debby quickly responded with a list of several resorts and locations in the Caribbean. I would call her any time I had questions. She would spend as much time on the phone with me as I needed, answering all of my questions and concerns and I never felt rushed.  We will be using Debby on our future vacations! Wedding: 03/15/2014 Services Used: Travel
  • I never knew having a travel agent could make the stress of a vacation so much easier!  From checking prices, to packets with all the information needed in the mail- the experience of using 3D Cruise and travel was top notch!  Just having someone who knows the ins and outs from dining to excursions ensured that the first cruise my husband and I took would be amazing!Can’t wait for Debby to start planning our next cruise adventure… Alaska! Lorie G.  Leander, TX 1/27/2014
  • I have had Debby & 3D Cruise and Travel organize a cruise on very short notice and a family Christmas reunion (on land with time to plan) and I will use her again for future travels.  She is professional, trust worthy, timely, knowledgeable, and extremely thoughtful.  Debby’s expertise is an asset to any travel excursion big or small and the personal touch you get is refreshing in the high tech world we live in.  Thank you Debby for your excellence and passion for making travel a positive experience without the headache and hassle. Jolie G.  Austin, TX 1/26/2104
  • We have had 3D Cruise and Travel organize 4 family reunion cruises for us over the last few years and each experience with 3D has been unforgettably pleasant.  Debby Stevens always cheerfully and efficiently manages to arrange for all of us, ages 6 months to 88 years, to come together from different parts of the country; she organizes cabins so we are near each other; and she conscientiously attends to special dietary and other needs of our diverse group.Right up to departure time she has always responded quickly and accurately to meet any concerns or questions that have arisen and she has consistently followed through to make certain the experience is a pleasant one for all of us.My husband and I have had experience with other travel agents, but Debby is, by far, our favorite.  Although my 89 year old husband is not as anxious to travel as he used to be, I keep telling Debby, if it were possible, I would travel with her again at the drop of a hat. Congratulations, Debby, on showing everyone how a good travel agency should operate. Helen S.  Round Rock, TX 1/26/2014
  • We have always had a wonderful time on cruises that Debby has helped with.  There are so many of us and she is more than willing to go the extra mile to assure that everyone is happy from the babies to the grandparents. We hope we get to use her in the future for other family vacations.  Very pleasant and easy to contact and talk with. High praise for all services she offers. Beverly G. Bessemer, AL 1/26/2014
  • Debby was awesome.  She was so easy to work with and was able to accommodate all of our needs.  The trip to Jamaica was was amazing and she took care of all the details which made the trip stress free.  I will definitely be using her for all of my travel needs. Melissa F.  Hutto, TX 12/9/2013
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Debby for the past several years.  It would be hard to find someone more knowlegeable, professional, responsive and friendly than Debby.  She is detailed from beginning to end on every trip.  Her recommendations are always spot on and using her as a travel agent always gives me the confidence that things will go exactly as they should – which is hard when traveling these days!  I highly recommend Debby and 3D Cruise & Travel!  Laura A. – Cedar Park, TX 10/16/2013
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Debby for many years. From trips for my grand kids to Disney World to trips to Mexico and wonderful cruises, Debby has always delivered great service and wonderful recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend her company to anyone. Jayne B. –  Bandera, TX
Anniversary in Jamaica

Anniversary at Couples Sans Souci, Jamaica. ~Gratehouse

  • I have booked 2 different trips with 3D cruise and travel, and both were amazing! From helping decide on location to visit, hotels to stay at, things to do, as well as booking flights, Debby makes the experience fun and exciting! She is so easy going, and very flexible along the way, and the trips just tend to evolve into something better than you ever imagined! I hadn’t used a travel agent before Debby, and I can promise that I will never use another one:)  if you want someone who will work their hardest to plan an amazing vacation for you and your family that is easy to talk to and quick to respond to questions, give Debby a try! Danielle B. – Round Rock, TX
  • We wanted to go to New York City so we called Debby, we had used her before with great results.  She found a phenomenal deal for us and we had a great time. I will continue to call 3D Cruise and Travel for all of our vacation needs.  They have access to deals that I wouldn’t normally find and know the tips and tricks for the locations that I want to visit. Exceptional service! Rachael C- Pflugerville, TX
3D Family Reunion Cruise

Family Reunion at Sea

  • Debby is amazing! She booked our honeymoon, which was our first cruise ever. We were very nervous since we hadn’t ever done any major trips before. Debbie made it so easy. She made sure our honeymoon was unforgettable! We were so pleased we had her book a family reunion cruise for us and we had a blast. Now, we don’t book a vacation without her. We love to travel every year for our anniversary, and Debbie is on speed dial. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very helpful and knowledgeable. Can’t wait to book another trip! Itoya C. – Lubbock, TX 10/24/2013 
  • I am a computer nerd and have signed up at multiple travel sites and cruise lines to get emails on specials for cruises.  My wife and I have taken over 15 cruises on Holland America, Princess, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean.   We met Debbie at our local senior center and booked our first cruise with her five or six years ago and have booked about 7 cruises with her.   I keep informed on what is on sale/sail through e-mails from the cruise lines and other travel agencies and then email Debbie to get some ideas and the best deal.  This year we booked three cruises with her.  One 10 day Caribbean, one 13 day Mediterranean, and a 7 day cruise out of Galveston for my wife and I, My son, his wife and two grand-kids, and  our daughter and fiance for her 40th and my 70th birthday.   Debbie keeps track of price changes and since I booked that cruise she has save me hundreds of dollars in price reductions.   I could not do that by myself.   Since there is not extra cost to have Debbie work for me, I can not pass up such a great deal.   She also has a funny side with the little extras she will do for you.   Love her but also jealous of all the travel she does to keep up on thinks to serve her clients. Lawrence D. – Round Rock, TX 11/4/2013 
3D Cruise and Travel Destination Wedding

2011 Destination Wedding in Puerto Vallarta

  • Debby provides excellent service, attention to detail and multiple options to maximize our vacation experience within a defined budget.  You can’t beat that!  Thanks Debby for many years of expert travel guidance and great family memories! Jesse D. – Leander, TX 11/4/2013 
  • Do you want a fantastic, memorable, exciting, enjoyable, awesome vacation experience of a lifetime?????  Book it with Debbie at 3D Cruise and Travel.  She is the only one we go to because we like the VIP treatment she always provides her clients.  Thanks for the memories – Fuzzy, Teri, Jackie – Round Rock, TX 11/5/2013 
  • I booked our Honeymoon to Jamaica through Debby Stevens with 3D Cruise and Travel. To sum it up in one word – effortless! When we first met, the only thing I knew was our budget. She listened to what I was looking for and helped me choose a resort. My wife and I could not be any happier with the outcome! I’ll never book a vacation again by myself. Thanks Debby!  Wedding: 10/11/2013  Services Used: Travel
  • We worked with Debby Stevens at 3D Cruise to book our South African Honeymoon. It was FANTASTIC!! Every part of the process with Debby was taken care of and all of the amenities were amazing. We never had to worry about a thing it was planned out flawlessly. I would highly recommend Debby and the 3D team for your honeymoon planning needs.  Thanks guys!  Wedding: 09/21/2013  Services Used: Travel
Sandals St. Lucia 3D Cruise and Travel

The Pearce’s: October at Sandals in St. Lucia

  • Debby was amazing when helping us plan our honeymoon!! We were over prepared for when we got there and had everything we would need!! Thank you so much for all your help!!i would highly recommend using her for any vacation!  Wedding: 09/07/2013  Services Used: Travel
  • My husband and I took a 7day cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. This was both our 1st time on a cruise and we loved it. Debbie was so sweet and helpful with everything from getting all paper work together, boarding passes and even had a nice little surprise for us. We were very impressed an all our future travels will go through 3d cruise an travel. ReAnna & Jared Janice,  Pflugerville, Texas  Wedding: 08/31/2013  Services Used: Travel
Family Cruise 3D Cruise and Travel

Nelson Family Cruise, A highlight of the trip was zip-lining in Jamaica.

  • Debbie is absolutely amazing!! we were so stressed where we should go for our honeymoon and a co-worker referred me to her. We were able to tell her everything we wanted to do and our budget and within 48 hours she emailed me back with many options and we were able to pick one out!! We had our honeymoon booked to Punta Cana, DR within a week of talking back and forth! We live in Dallas, so we communicated by email and she responded within a few hours every time!! shes truly amazing and takes all the stress out of it! We will definitely be using her again for our anniversary next year!!  Wedding: 08/10/2013  Services Used: Travel
  • I would say to anyone looking for a travel agent, You MUST use Debby Stevens at 3D. When the airline changed our flights, she jumped in an took care of it and made it better than we had planned. She was very knowledgeable about the area we wanted to travel and made great recommendations. She will take care of you and your vacation can be stress free. She earned a customer for life from us.  Wedding: 07/06/2013  Services Used: Travel
Adventura Spa Honeymoon 3D Cruise and Travel

Sanders Honeymoon at Aventura Spa Resort

  • Debby was a huge help for my husband and I when we were planning our honeymoon to Hawaii!! Debby helped us plan our activities and gave us advice on what the island was like and what to expect!!! My husband and I even missed our flight the day we were supose to leave, but debby was on it and helped us get all our reservations changed that way we had no stress what so ever!!! I would highly reccomend her to any bride-to-be’s or anyone looking for a travel agent Could not have asked for a better travel agent and we will be using her in all our future vacations!! Thanks Debby for all your hard work!!  Wedding: 06/01/2013  Services Used: Travel
Atlantis Bahamas 3D Cruise and Travel

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas. HUGE resort with a really good Teen Club and great graduation present trip. The Jett Family 2009

  • Thanks to Debby with 3D Travel and cruise, my husband and I had an amazing honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Our resort, flights, and travel to and from the airport were set when we got there, and everyone made us feel right at home. Debby is super professional, and never hesitates to answer any questions you may have. She follow up with you even after you are back…Such a nice gesture. I absolutely loved working with her, and would and have recommended her!  Wedding: 05/04/2013  Services Used: Travel
  • Debby was awesome! She made the honeymoon process easy and fun. She helped us put together a cruise package and we had a blast. We had so much fun, we have booked our next vacation through her as well. She is very flexible and will give you all of the attention you require for your vacation needs. She will work with you face-to-face, by phone or (my favorite) Email.  Wedding: 03/16/2013  Services Used: Travel
3D Hansons

Grand Palladium, Jamaica, 2009. The resort was beautiful and our room was huge! The Hanson’s.

  • Debby made our honeymoon to Bora Bora as perfect and stress-free as I could have ever imagined. Traveling so far away meant that we had lots of transfers and each one of them was set up perfectly and really made everything so easy. We live in Houston, so we communicated via email and phone and Debby was always quick to respond with any questions I had. The Moorea Hilton and the Four Seasons Bora Bora were so beautiful and Debby had them set up everything from excursions to dinners. I feel like she really went above and beyond to make our honeymoon special. I have already referred several friends to 3D and I know that any other trip we take, Debby will be who we call. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a honeymoon travel agent!  Wedding: 03/02/2013  Services Used: Travel
Tahiti Bungalows 3D Cruise and Travel

2009 Morrea, South Pacific, 8-nights in an over-water bungalow amidst the lush foliage of a Tahitian Island. What a way to spend a 10-year anniversary! Diving, spa and more. Joi & Jon

  • If you’re looking for a travel agent to help you make a seamless transition from the craziness of your wedding day to the beaches of paradise, Debby is second to none. My husband and I enjoyed 9 days of unbelievable beauty in French Polynesia and we owe that in no small part to Debby’s hard work and diligence. From finding a package that fit into our budget to organizing tours and reservations, Debby allowed us to enjoy our Honeymoon together without the stresses of planning and traveling. We could go on for hours; instead, take our word for it: choose Debby at 3D Cruise and Travel!!  Wedding: 11/17/2012  Services Used: Travel
  • When I first sat down with Debby to pick a place for our destination wedding, I had a few ideas but told her what I was looking for and she really helped me narrow down a resort that was perfect. We chose Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay and it was so nice and we got such great comments from each of our guests that had previously traveled to Mexico, that it was by far the nicest place they had stayed at. We had quite a few older family members attend and it was beyond amazing to have Debby get everyone set up with their travel and transportation. Took a lot of the stress off me! Debby was fantastic, I know we’ll use her for any future travel and we’ll definitely recommend her as well!  Wedding: 10/27/2012  Services Used: Travel
Cozumel, Mexico 3D Cruise and Travel

2009, Wyndham Sabor, Cozumel. Rented a jeep, dove for the 1st time & a few “do nothing” days on the beach. Malyn & Zach

  • I had been to several bridal shows and spoken to many a travel agent. When I met Debby I knew she would be our travel agent. She is genuinely excited to help you plan a fabulous trip. We met for our first meeting to discuss our budget and honeymoon options. Debby was able to help us narrow down the playing field. She had lots of experience in different parts of the world and also plenty of brochures to look through. We ended up taking a trip of a lifetime to Thailand. Debby arranged all the tours we wanted, airfare to and within Thailand, and our hotels. I did a lot of research on Thailand but would not have been able to book international airfare like she did and certainly not figure out which tours were legitimate and which were not. She was on the phone (back and forth) with her reps trying to get us exactly what we wanted. Everything was seemless. When we had one almost hiccup I emailed Debby from Thailand and she fixed in within minutes! Thanks so much Debby! Hope to work with you again on another wonderful trip!   Wedding: 10/20/2012  Services Used: Travel
  • Thanks to Debby and her team, my destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon, wedding, and vacation! The hotel was great! Super clean, and the staff super friendly! The beach was clean, there were lots of things to do for both adults and kids. Also, the local travel reps Debby referred us to were VERY helpful!!! Some of their excursion prices were kinda high, but in most cases we were able to negotiate a slightly cheaper price after some conversation.   At the hotel, we were on the top floor, which has some special perks that the other floors didn’t (like a special lounge area for breakfast in the morning, internet access, and drinks and snacks in the evening). We also hung out at the adult pool (where they have a swim-up bar) and the beach a lot.  Off the resort, we went zip lining, snorkeling in a cave, exploring caves, visited Chitzen-Itza, went scuba diving, went shopping and dining in town. Some other members of our group swam with dolphins and went horseback riding.  Leaving was the hardest part! In fact, my new husband keeps talking about how we should figure out a way to move there!  I cannot thank Debby and her team enough for arranging everything for us. With a destination wedding, and all the planning that’s needed to pull it off, I know I wouldn’t have been able to get it all done without them!!! It was easy from the first meeting where we discussed exactly what I wanted, to her easy payment options, to boarding the plane for our return.  I would recommend 3D Cruise and Travel to anyone who wants a helpful and friendly vacation, honeymoon or destination wedding experience! I was referred to them by 3 separate co-workers and I’m glad I took their good advice, so now it’s time for you to take mine! Book ’em!!!!  Wedding: 07/24/2012  Services Used: Travel

2009 El Dorado Royale Honeymoon. Exceeded all expectations. Couples massages, candlelight dinner. All so romantic. Jennifer & Keith.

  • 3D Cruise and Travel planned our honeymoon to Hawaii. It was perfect and the best part it was all done for us! They planned all our extra activities we did and things went so smoothly!   Wedding: 07/14/2012  Services Used: Travel
  • GREAT SERVICE! GREAT PLACES TO GO! GREAT PRICES! Ms.Debby is awesome, couldn’t have asked for anyone better!   The Hogans  Wedding: 06/30/2012  Services Used: Travel
  • Debby was AMAZING to work with. My husband and I met Debby at a bridal show and we knew instantly that we wanted to work with her. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and helped us figure out what destination would be ideal for us. She helped us plan every detail of our honeymoon, found us discounts and even helped my husband plan a surprise treat. I highly recommend 3D Travel for anyone planning a trip. My husband and I will definitely book all future travel through Debbie!  Wedding: 06/23/2012  Services Used: Travel
Sandals Wedding 3D Cruise and Travel

Wedding at Sandals Paradise Island. The new Mr. & Mrs. Clearly!

  • Debby was amazing! My Wife and I had an idea of what type of honeymoon we wanted, but with so many possibilities we were a bit overwhelmed. Debby was recommended to me by a co- worker and once contacted; she sat down with us and showed us all the options, and offered very valuable suggestions. Before we left our meeting with her, we had it narrowed down to 3 properties and she urged us to go home, read some reviews and look at pictures and pick one that felt the best to us. We did just that and got back with Debby as soon as we could to book our awesome Honeymoon. In fact we had such a good experience with Debby that she booked out anniversary trip as well. I do not know if I would go on any major vacation without the help of Debby. She is very fun and easy to talk to, and her passion for making people happy by sending them on their vacations really shines through. She is very prompt with her communication and leaves no details out. She is so good with communication that if she is going to be on a trip or out of the office she will send her clients who are traveling soon an email saying she will be out. To me that was a big, I am a nervous traveler so I knew if I had any questions I needed to ask her before she was out of pocket. With Debby and 3D, if at all possible she will get you some sort of deal or benefit by using her agency, and she watches the air fare sites like a hawk. If you are in the market for a dream vacation and want to make it as simple as possible, do yourself a favor and Call Debby!  Wedding: 06/09/2012  Services Used: Travel
  • We had an incredible honeymoon and couldn’t have done it without Debby! She gave us options and helped us find the perfect location just for us. She made traveling to somewhere we had never been so easy. We can’t wait to plan another trip and we don’t plan on going anywhere without Debby setting us up.   Wedding: 03/03/2012  Services Used: Travel
Reunion at Sea 3D Cruise and Travel

2009 Carnival Freedom 3rd Generation Manley Family Cruise

  • Debby Stevens is the travel agent we used and she did an amazing job for us. We were unsure as to where we wanted to go and she did a great job of narrowing down the list. Debby was easy to deal with and made all the arrangement’s for us. All we had to do was pick a place and a room and we were off. If you want to get a great deal on a honeymoon definitely use Debby. We look forward to using her services in the future for all our vacation needs.   Wedding: 10/02/2011  Services Used: Travel
Puerto Vallarta 3D Cruise and Travel

2009 Smith Family Reunion at Sea Puerto Vallarta: Golden Crown Paradise.

  • Debby first helped us plan our trip to Costa Rica where we were engaged then she helped us plan our trip to Moorea and Bora Bora where we honeymooned. We mostly used points for this trip, but that didn’t matter to Debby, because she just wanted to take the last minute stress of confirming everything and planning the transfers/tours off my shoulders. She is the most amazing travel agent to work with! With the internet travel agents are often overlooked. However, because of Debby I am a firm believer of using one. Debby has great relationships with certain travel operations and because of those relationships she’s built you are rewarded with a seamless travel experience. So regardless if you need her to plan your entire trip or just parts of it, contact Debby and you won’t be sorry you did. Not to mention, she is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met! She makes you feel so comfortable no matter what and she truly cares about you and wants you to have the best travel experience possible!    Wedding: 06/18/2011  Services Used: Travel
Disney World 3D Cruise and Travel

2008 Disney World We chose the family suite at the All-Star Music Resort so my husband and I could have a queen size bed, a separate room, and our own bathroom! The Simmons Family.

  • We had our destination wedding at a resort. Debby did an amazing job of coordinating all guests, getting us (AND OUR GUESTS) extra perks, working on special rooms for people and making sure our big day was planned to perfection. It was so nice to know that we didn’t have to deal with guest questions or concerns about travel – she had taken care of this for us. She’s the perfect person to call if you’re on a budget or if you want to give your guests the comfort of having someone look after them.
  • After we left our wedding guests, we headed to France in which Debby had us set up with rooms and transportation for our entire trip.  The whole process couldn’t have been easier.  Wedding: 02/26/2011  Services Used: Travel
Golden Crown Paradise 3D Cruise and Travel

2008 Golden Crown Paradise in Puerto Vallarta – This was the view from our patio. It was a great room, service was perfect and the food at this sister resort we had access to was the best. We enjoyed a Pirate Dinner Cruise and a city tour along with lots of R&R. We had a great time. Thanks for the reservation. All was perfect. Steve & Peggy.

  • Debby was so helpful from the first time I contacted her all the way through planning our honeymoon! She takes care of every detail and really knows what she’s talking about. Her helpful reminders, packing lists, and tips were SO appreciated and really helped us out while we were on our cruise. I’m so glad we chose to go with 3D, I can’t imagine having a better experience with any other agency!   Wedding: 11/20/2010  Services Used: Travel