Because you have enough to do already, let us make your Honeymoon wishes come true!

Our specialists at 3D Cruise and Travel have helped many newlyweds’ dreams come true. As your personal travel experts we take pride in helping couples determine the right destination for this once in a lifetime occasion.

Things to consider when planning a Honeymoon:

There are numerous benefits to using a Travel Agent that specialize in Honeymoon Planning – namely that their experience alone will ensure that the details will be handled correctly, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourselves.

It’s never too early to start planning your honeymoon, and working with a Honeymoon Travel Agent ensures that no detail will be overlooked.

Discuss your honeymoon ideas with your fiancé.  Here are some questions that will help you narrow down the plethora of destination options:

  1.   Tropical, Historical, Whimsical, or Adventure?
  2.   How many nights can we escape?
  3.   How important is the room? View? Hot Tub?
  4.   All-Inclusive or pay as we go?
  5.  Small, Medium, or Mega sized resort?
  6.  Do we have Passports?  Are they current?
  7.  Are we paying 100% ourselves, or getting help?
  8.  What budget amount do we feel comfortable with?

Let one of our Travel Agents take care of your honeymoon planning so that you can spend your time planning your wedding.  Top Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon Planning Advice: Planning the ultimate vacation like your dream honeymoon shouldn’t be stressful. Let us help you with all of the details that go into arranging your honeymoon. We can offer advice on how to set up honeymoon registries instead of traditional gift registries, save money, and plan a vacation that both of you will love! From honeymoon excursions to registry etiquette, we will help you plan your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Documentation and Name Change Information: What do you do when you have changed your name? Although you may have changed your name and are now Mr. and Mrs. Honeymoon, remember that several things must be changed to make your switch complete. If you are planning a honeymoon right after your wedding, it is best to travel using your maiden name as you won’t have had time to get a new passport, driver’s license, social security card and in most states, you won’t even have your marriage license for a few weeks!

You can avoid a lot of hassle if you travel using your current passport or birth certificate and current driver’s license as identification and proof of citizenship. When you return from your romantic getaway, you can look forward to waiting in line at the DMV, Social Security Office and calling all of your credit card companies with the exciting news!

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3D Cruise and Travel Honeymoon Registry

Many couples take advantage of our Honeymoon Gift Registry to help them save toward their getaway.