Celebration Travel

Did you miss out on any life celebrations in 2020? Common examples would be honeymoon or wedding anniversary, decade birthday or family reunion. Many use those milestone events to take a fantastic vacation.

Well, if lockdowns did not allow you to celebrate as you wished here are some ideas to consider for 2021:

Delayed Honeymoon or Anniversary

Consider French Polynesia, a grouping of some of the most beautiful islands in the world with the most popular probably being Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea. Crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkeling and diving; mountains are geared for hikes or ATV explorations. The quiet islands have less visitors in an entire year as Hawaii gets in two weeks, so there is never a crowd. Can you hear the overwater bungalows calling?

Blowout 60th ( or 61st)

The Canadian Rockies via train and deluxe motor coach might be perfect for you. Rocky Mountaineer  is an excellent purveyor for clients wanting to experience Western Canada‚Äôs majestic landscapes. Picture yourself traveling by day and staying in deluxe hotels by night in iconic cities such as Banff , Lake Louise, and Vancouver. You will experience absolute comfort, unobstructed views, unparalleled service and gourmet cuisine. Welcome aboard.

Family Reunion

Beach vacations are always a hit for multi-generation travel. Pairing that thought with a perfect resort or private villa rental makes it ideal to gather family together. With a resort, you have access to restaurants and activities to suit every taste. Private villa rental allows the entire property to be your very own and can be customized just for your own family with just about anything you can imagine. Sandy toes for all!

I say it is never too late to celebrate. Look forward to 2021 with a celebration vacation on your calendar.

Cheers, Debby