10 Travel Experiences That Will Change Your Life

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, odds are you’re hitting the road hoping for that life-changing experience that only comes with travel. You’re looking for travel that inspires, regardless if you’re helping yourself or someone else. You’re looking for that moment you look back on for years with a glazed-over look as the moment it all clicked for you.

That moment is at the heart of why we travel, and your odds of finding it improve immensely in the following 10 locations.

Boca de Valeria, Amazon

In the heart of the amazon’s jungles, you’ll stumble across Boca de Valeria or 3D Amazon“The Real Amazon,”  one of those remote locations that will truly touch your heart.

You won’t find luxurious hotels, emblematic landmarks or even stores. The experience here involves exploring through the denseness of the Amazon in search of its indigenous people and abundant mysteries. The colorfully-dressed residents of Boca de Valeria come bearing gifts (for a small gift in return of course) and long to share their culture through song and entertaining dances.

Accessible by cruise ship, this area offers a human experience you will never forget.

Copper Canyon, Mexico

In this Mexican marvel, monolithic jagged cliffs come together and form one of 3d Copper Canyon Mexicothe most breathtaking beauties on earth.

About 37,000 miles in length, Copper Canyon or Las Barrancas del Cobre offers an unspoken antiquity with rock walls considerably denser and longer than that of the Grand Canyon.

This rocky mountainside is also home to a group of Raramus (Tarahumaras) natives, descendants from a rich history of remote settlers, who embrace their reserved lifestyle, yet making a long-lasting impression as they charmingly welcome hikers, horseback riders and campers to their territory with open arms.

Dead Sea, Jordan

 Emerging out of biblical times, the Dead Sea is one of the world’s most amazing 3D Dead Seaattractions.  At a little over 1,300 feet below sea level, this inland ocean brings a flood of tourists who are eager to soak in its profound history and soothing waters that even brought Cleopatra out of her Egyptian mansion.

Just do not to take a huge gulp since the Dead Sea is saltier than the ocean, but you may want to soak in it until you wrinkle like a prune, because the sea’s mineral-filled elements are known to provide total body rejuvenation.

Bhutan, Tibet

Bhutan never looked so magnificent than in the eyes of the wanderer. Classic 3D Tibetmonasteries are perched on hills, filled with legacies deeply buries in the Himalayas. Hiking in the kingdom’s remote spaces are not for the light-hearted but for the culturally-inclined seeking an awe-inspiring, soul searching experience.

Trips to Bhutan are highly monitored and tourists are required to travel in groups; specifically with tour operators.

Tanzania, Africa

Observing the way animals interact with one another can be just as uplifting as 3D Tanzaniafamiliarizing yourself with new people and cultures.

Safaris offer exclusive explorations into the fascinations of wildlife, and one place you can experience an authentic “Lion King” adventure first-hand is in the jungles of Tanzania.

With the knowledge of a guide, get up close and commune with giraffes, elephants, chimps, and zebras or watch in amazement at the migration of wildebeests.

It will be an inspirational experience that will completely change your state of mind.

Turkish Baths, Istanbul

Revisit the days of the Roman Empire and Ottoman Turks and take a cleansing Turkish bath, or hamman.

Once you’ve stepped into their divine presence, an attendant caters to your every wish by scrubbing and massaging your body before soaking you peacefully in the mineral-infused water like the Emperors of old.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

As Abu Dhabi’s centerpiece, the majesty surrounding this religious gem speaks volumes.

Taking in the beauty of the Grand Mosque will leave you speechless as marble floors, 24 carat chandeliers, domes, and the world’s largest hand-woven carpet enhances the perfectionism that flows through the city.

With space to accommodate about 40,000 worshipers and one of the largest sanctuaries in the world, visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque will enlighten your path with its deeply rooted religious values.

Marrakesh Souk, Morocco

If you’re looking to be inspired, make your way to the souk of Marrakesh for a 3D Soukworld-class experience.

There’s nothing like soaking in the atmospheres of thick aromas, crowds and colors, and losing your mind over the explosion of spices, rugs, handbags and decorative plates filling up every nook and cranny.

Souk provide an authenticity and an opportunity to learn about a new culture that you won’t find at a department store

Mainly sold by the hands who’ve toiled over their intricate handcrafts, this shopping experience is unparalleled.

 Inca Trail, Peru

Imagine trekking through history in between glorious cliffs, dense clouds and 3D Inca Trail Peruclassic ruins.

This vision is not far-fetched when hiking the Inca Trail on the way to Machu Picchu.  As one of the world’s best treks, this journey is an uplifting experience that offers an adventure you won’t be able to shake out of your head any time soon.

Bring your best hiking gear and flock to this dazzling destination where time has been sitting still for centuries.

Your life will forever be changed by the antiquity that waits on your way to Machu Picchu.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Elevated some 4,000 feet in the sky, Monteverde is a rare location that offers 3d cloud forestcomplete seclusion, especially in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a place where eco-tourists will want to call home.

Providing a variety of adventures from ziplining and exotic wildlife amid the foggy evaporation of clouds, you’ll definitely be one with nature as this scientific wonder delights your soul as one of our planet’s most interesting treasures.